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For Head lice Spray hair with hairspray all over head evenly leaving hair stiff lice can not hang onto hair

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yeah sorry this doesnt work if it was that easy an they can attach themselves to your scalp!!


If it was THAT easy, don't you think lice would have died out in the 80's?


Sorry, but no, it's not that easy. I coated my hair with hairspray because I was desperate. This didn't stop the lice any more than hair gel did under a shower cap for 8-30 hours. Lice are very hardy parasites and very resistent to a lot of treatments. Seems like anything alcohol-based would dry them out and suffocate them nicely. I finally used Listerine and vinegar after 3 months of being at war with lice. Hope this helps someone!


I used FREEZE hair spray. It doesn't kill the lice, but it sure stops them from biting and crawling off onto other things in-between treatments of Listerine, vinegar, & extra strength Denorex.

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