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Franks Hot sauce

Franks Hot Sauce...
i work in the food industry and we use a lot of Franks hot sauce, just the smell of it will clear out your sinuses.. if your brave enough you could also try a spoon full to clear it up...

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doesn't work, don't bother


This is ignorant. Franks is like one step above ketchup. I wouldn't rely of peppers to clear nasal passageways in the first place.


I put that S**t on everything


If you're brave enough? Cranks redhot although very tasty, has little to no heat.


had no luck with this method....not hot enuff


Temporary relief I suggest Tabasco hot souce this stuff is crazy hot (I'm only 14)


Snorted a table spoon with each nostril cleared me right up!!!! Thanks

Mr. Binx

Listen, hot sauce is a natural histamine; peppers, chili peppers, ghost peppers, jalapenos, anything that stimulates your sensitivity for taste.. the longer you habitually consume daily; it not only helps with congestion, but also boosts your immune system which means a greater probability of not getting sick. 2 to 4 jalapenos a day combined with a unnecessary amount of tapatio with each meal, and the occasional black tea with shredded ginger cinnamon lemon and chili powder will help your immune system, also colostrum daily and vitamin c will keep you from getting sick.. trust me my thoracic spine some of my lumbar, and parts of my cervical were destroyed from two car accidents.. before that i had chronic pneumonia, and every cough felt like my back was going to break in half. haven't been ill in over 2 years praise god, just thought i would share.

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