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I chronically had bouts of ringworm during childhood. Our remedy (Japanese grandmother's) was to place a small piece of copper in a baby food jar and cover it with white vinegar. In several days, the vinegar turns green. Use a q-tip to apply all around the ring. It burns slightly. Then it dries up the ring into a scab, usually by the next day and it's over. Apply as often as possible. Keep solution for the next time. As far as the copper goes, you can use small plumbing parts, or my favorite, pennies dated before 1958 (wheat backs) just a few pennies will do it, making this cheap AND effective! If the vinegar evaporates between bouts, just add some more and stir. The green stuff will stain clothes. Eventually the copper is degraded and you'll have to add more. The greener it is, the stronger, and the faster it works!

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Did you have the ringworm in/on your head? You can email me or here is my bbm pin:27272840. I want to know more about your remedy. Thnx in advance :)

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