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Just apply elmers glue to your black heads And let it dry and peel it off slowly. The blackheads should come out with the glue. If not. Do it again. Hope it works. It worked for me. (:

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I Have very sensitive skin and am so impress by the result I just used and is incredible it work I highly recommend it. Thank you so much for posting this amazing technique.;-)


I hope it works cause i have alot of litttle blackheads on ma nose!!!!;)


is this true?? omg! elmers glue have a bad scent but some says that bad scent is good for medications.


will it hurt if I put it over the pimples on my nose?


can we use any other white glue?


Where can i find elemer's glue ? In which shop ?
Never heard the name before. What type of glue is it ?


i hope it works if it dosent imma punch u soo hard ;) jk but imma try it anyways


Elmer's glue is a white paper/wood/school/craft glue. It is a thick white sticky liquid which comes in plastic squeeze bottles and usually dries clear, or nearly clear.

One should be able to find it, or it's equavalent where hardware/household/school supplies sre sold....or try the world wide web.

It also reportedly works for removing splinters and thorns via similar process; and can be used as a 'fix a flat' alternative in tires with small punctures.


It does work with tacky glue! Make sure it dries completely though or it won't take anything out it'll just peel off


All I have is tacky glue. Will it work???

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