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Just apply elmers glue to your black heads And let it dry and peel it off slowly. The blackheads should come out with the glue. If not. Do it again. Hope it works. It worked for me. (:

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Bout to try it.. I really hope it works!!!


I just tried this and I have to say it works.. Im really amazed by it. My face feels really smooth. Thank u.


Does it have to be elmers brand? or will normal store brand work if its the same type of glue


it's the darnest thing, but it actually works!!! However i must put out a warning if you have sensitive skin like can be irratating. I've applied a small amount on my nose, treating it like a mask and i let it sit until compleatly dried. this is my 3rd time in one sitting and it seems to be working but it's also irratating my nose, so this may be the last time for today. otherwise it's a effective treatment if ur in a pinch.


To all the questions about type of glue to use, they mean traditional Elmer's glue. It is white and available everywhere. Generic white or school glue is the same.


Do you need to clean your face like you normally would before applying the Elmer's glue?


Works like a charm....I promise!


Elmere's glue = PVA Glue if your UK!


I trod before and it didn't work and my nose is red now idk what to do !!! :(


I love this idea! It does work, not only for black heads but for all the fine little hairs we tend to get as we age! Highly recommend!

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