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Just apply elmers glue to your black heads And let it dry and peel it off slowly. The blackheads should come out with the glue. If not. Do it again. Hope it works. It worked for me. (:

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I imagine using a glue stick would be harder to get off than the liquid glue. If I were you I would just lean my head back a bit so it's level and do it. Then it won't go up your nose or drip down. (:

tah rit

is it effective?what kind of elmers glue?
i will try it hopin so it will work :(


sounds like it causes cancer


yes elmers glue is nontoxic also it is based from cows also....this really works and it is so wonderful that a facial product only costs a couple bucks...


Elmer's glue is non-toxic this method is also good for getting dirt out of ur fingernails and relieving bug bite itch(put a dab o. Bite let it dry don't peel)on a side note flavored glue give the paste eating kindergartners some variety


What is this elmer glue dis available on shop or what i cnt undrstnd


Wow, worked...first time in a long time I don't see a sea of black on my nose.

Thank you!!




is it really works?please inform what type of elmers glue and where is it available

Brooke and Taylor

Hahaha so my sister and I tried this and let me just say that it hurts REALLY bad when you rip it off. Ha! And no it didn't really work for us but I would say we looked pretty sexy after we did it!!!!

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