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Just apply elmers glue to your black heads And let it dry and peel it off slowly. The blackheads should come out with the glue. If not. Do it again. Hope it works. It worked for me. (:

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realy works.. just did it thanks


This may work but you have to remember that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. You need to think about what chemicals you are absorbing everytime you put glue on your face.


what type of Elmers glue?

>.< eyebrow less

This may make me sound dumb , but I am a preteen &' applied it to my E N T I R E face &' i stupidly took of half of my eyebrows (I have thin eyebrows so it made a big difference) , well that added too my pile of worries . I'm not trying too blame anyone just letting other people know , but other than not using my common sense , it worked real good &' I am glad I tried it (:


While being conscious of what your body absorbs is always a good idea, Elmer's glue is nontoxic. Children practically eat the stuff. I don't think there is any worry about putting it on your face.


My blackhead hurts. Its right up under my nose and a little bit of it is inside my nose. Does it matter if you use stick glue or the bottled glue?


...i hope it will work when i got home :)


You have to use the regular bottled glue and let it dry completely. Stick glue won't work.

meghin :)

will tacky glue work..?

Elizabeth C.

This worked (partially) for me. But, that's b/c I was in a hurry and on my way to school. It worked well for how much time I had. It will most likely work if I let it fully dry. I do recommend this and am going to tell all my friends 2day when they get here!

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