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I have had eczema since i can remember, caused by my asthma, i tried honey and lots of home remedies and a lot of steroids finally my doctor recommended light therapy, , it helps a lot it drys up the skin and so its a lot better and if you cant afford it tanner works, its easy and you get a nice tan too. Good luck!

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I would guess this works because eczema can be caused by B-vitamin deficiency? Just a guess. Anyone else know?


I kind of fail to see how it is helpful if you say it dries the skin out when eczema is pretty much a 'dry skin' condition,wouldn't it therefore worsen the condition?


It is a dry skin condition but why does the pool help some people & the sun? I just dont understand what kind of therapy we are talking about.


is light therapy like going to a tanning salon? basicly a bleach bath, or swimming can kill the bacteria that can cause the excema. And swimming cools the skin ALOT which is a big relief.

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