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I want to thank the girl that posted about the Monster Energy Drink. I get migraines periodically (usually around the time of my period). This most recent one was going on two days, and it was killing! I thought I would go crazy, so I desperately started googling home remedies and found this forum. I figured nothing else had worked; why not try the Monster Drink? It was just like this poster said. Within five minutes of drinking the can, my migraine was COMPLETELY gone. I feel amazing right now, and I cannot thank her enough for posting this wonderful solution!!

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Queen Bee

I work at a gas station and we sell Monster drinks. I look forward to trying one of them next time I have a migraine, because I tried everything and NOTHING works... Thx for the advice... :o)

Queen Bee

I've tried Monster and it does not work for me, plus it tastes awful... Thx for the advice and I hope it works for someone else.


Redbull will actually work a little better, higher vitamin count :)


Wow, I am desperate for a cure for my disabling migraines. I get scary allergic side effects from most meds (cant take Triptans) and nothing else helps. I will try the energy drink!

If anyone else has any other ideas I really would appreciate it cause I am getting migraines like 4x/wk! my email is: ckdesigns'at' Thank u.


I tried this tonight with 50mg of voltarol tabs it works!!! suffered for yrs! will def be keeping some in the fridge!!! thanks so much, at stp daughters wedding tomoz and thought I may have to cancel! hubby was panic struck as I can be ill for three days!! thank you again! everyone out there please try this! it works!!


Careful of the energy drinks; I love Rock Star and Red Bull but a few people have died from them recently (check CNN)

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