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I noticed a small red bump on my penis about 4 months ago and was not sure what it was, I went to see a doctor and he assured me that it was not genital herpes and handed me a few lubes which I cannot recall the name of however they contained some sort of benzoyl.

I read through every topic on this forum and realized that Apple Cider Vinegar is perhaps the best solution, i proceeded and purchased all the necessary items.

For the first two days I used a cotton ball directly on the red mark, making sure that I do not use the same cotton ball when I touch another area and keeping that whole area sanitized. It didn't burn, but after two days it started burning and I couldn't sleep at night it was hurting so bad. I proceeded with the ACV treatment even though it was burning like hell and about 2 days later after I stopped I noticed that the vinegar burnt a whole part of my skin, which is alright I guess it was going to heal.. After a day or two the scabs fell off and other red dots appeared on the other side.. Now I'm treating that, and it sucks. I do not even know what to do anymore and it's making me very upset as I'm unable to meet women or develop any sort of relationship with them.

My plan right now is eat a lot of vitamins, Garlic, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Oranges, Orange juice, anything with vitamins really, continue the ACV treatment until I can't do it anymore and then make sure the area is dry for complete heal. I have no idea how long it's going to take but I'll update if anything really happens.. I think that the only solution perhaps is to cut my dick off. :/

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To Anonymous sorry to hear that????, But You'll be fine ????just take care of your self learn your body, excersise and research your pesty friend. Become the best person that you can be don't let it get you down. Good luck and again be safe, be Happy and still live your life.

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