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Hi! Ive been in so much pain from time to time with my wisdom teeth. I dont have dental insurance....therefor, Ive spent hours on the internet reading forums, researching websites trying to find a solution for the pain! The best home remedy Ive found that takes away the swelling (even swelling of your cheek/face) and the radiculous pain is this......
INGREDIENTS you will need:
WATER (preferably warm)

*Put a TBL spoon of SALT and a TBL spoon of BAKING SODA into a cup.
*Get the COTTON BALLS slightyly wet (if u can get warm water it works best but not mandatory)
*Dip the damp COTTON BALLS into the cup of BAKING SODA & SALT
*********IMPORTANT PART**********
***Take the COTTON BALL with the mix and put it on the INFECTED wisdom tooth and leave it there.
***Use 3 to 5 COTTON BALLS the same way all the way along your gum line and make sure the COTTON BALLS with the MIX are completely surrounding your tooth.
(the salt will make you salivate!Be sure to SPIT! DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!! The infection is poison and Ive been told can kill a person! Make sure the cotton balls stay in place!)
*This will literally pull out the infection!!!! You will be able to see it on the cotton ball once the time has passed and you take the cotton balls out!


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Curious and in pain

What does the baking soda do? I've heard of doing this with the salt, but am curious what difference the baking soda makes ... any idea?

Snowmaiden from Cape Town SA

Oh my word. Thanks for the advice and remedy. I was skeptical but after 5 days of insane pain was willing 2 sell my soul for a cure. Dry socket worst pain experienced.this coming from a woman that gave natural birth with no drugs! Dentist did the pack and I was on antibiotics and strong pain killers. Nothing helped. Within 10 mins of using ur recommendation I got relief. longest pain relief since extraction. U deserve the nobel peace prize for dentistry. Amazing results. 4ever great full!


I did this and it worked for me as well! (Baking Soda with Salt on Cotton Ball!)

A word of caution - and a reply to "Curious and in pain" : YOU NEED THE BAKING SODA! after I read that you had heard of this with just salt, I tried it. BIG MISTAKE.

Here's what happened: I thought of how some people do Neti Rinse with just sea salt and not baking soda, and it just stings a little. So I thought it would be the same for the gum, that it would just sting. So, greedy me, after my successful 1st round, the next day I tried it again to make sure I "got it all", but this time with hardly any baking soda. Salt on cotton ball, around tooth and along my entire gum on one side. 35 mins.

Afterwards, I had a lot of tenderness in my gums and cheek. It seems my original pain was better but now this tender raw feeling in my gums and tongue where the cotton was touching. I thought it was the salt because it was on my tongue as well and didn't seem to be about the infection.

Yesterday I noticed a YELLOW LAYER or film on my gums where it is tender. I thought it might be the infection spread towards the front of my mouth... no idea. Should I scrape it off? Is it Candida? It looks scary yellow gross! On Monday I used the salt cotton ball, it is now Wednesday and I just got back from the dentist (emergency visit), who confirmed my suspicion. He said the yellow is a chemical burn! So, don't scrape it off and leave it alone to heal. He thought the salt probably did it.

In short - the BAKING SODA IS CRUCIAL! don't do what I did. I don't know if I can post pics on here but I could show you. Baking Soda WITH Salt really worked for me as well - really lessened the throbbing radiating pain from my wisdom tooth.

Now I just have to heal from my silly self-inflicted burn, haha...

Thank you so much for posting this treatment, Alisha!

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