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Hi! Ive been in so much pain from time to time with my wisdom teeth. I dont have dental insurance....therefor, Ive spent hours on the internet reading forums, researching websites trying to find a solution for the pain! The best home remedy Ive found that takes away the swelling (even swelling of your cheek/face) and the radiculous pain is this......
INGREDIENTS you will need:
WATER (preferably warm)

*Put a TBL spoon of SALT and a TBL spoon of BAKING SODA into a cup.
*Get the COTTON BALLS slightyly wet (if u can get warm water it works best but not mandatory)
*Dip the damp COTTON BALLS into the cup of BAKING SODA & SALT
*********IMPORTANT PART**********
***Take the COTTON BALL with the mix and put it on the INFECTED wisdom tooth and leave it there.
***Use 3 to 5 COTTON BALLS the same way all the way along your gum line and make sure the COTTON BALLS with the MIX are completely surrounding your tooth.
(the salt will make you salivate!Be sure to SPIT! DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!! The infection is poison and Ive been told can kill a person! Make sure the cotton balls stay in place!)
*This will literally pull out the infection!!!! You will be able to see it on the cotton ball once the time has passed and you take the cotton balls out!


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Ive had a partial root canal(first stage)the dentist was so rough I have a panic attack just thinking about going back to finish the job. This is the third flare Ive had in six months, and the worst. Big swollen face and awesome amount of pain, I tried this baking soda, salt and cotton balls and it made it feel a lot better, its not too bad tasting either as I thought it would burn and be really salty but it wasn't. I will repeat the treatment later on in the day.


I have a badly infected tooth I came on here and seen this and tried it. It did help with the pain while I was doing it but when it was time to take the cottonballs out it started hurting badly againbut It did seem to pull out some of the infection but there was more blood on the cottonball then any puss from the infection


ALicia!! It worked-- now 3 hours later no pain- GOOD JOB! (Damp w/ warm water Cotton balls w/baking soda and salt for 35 minutes surrounding infected tooth and gum area) I KNOW the infection is gone or going away because the pain and swelling, were eminating three inches from the infected tooth. Gland under that tooth is now not swollen/tender. I have had infected teeth many times....root canals, extractions penicillin etc!! Tried many alternatives--now first CURE! from you! Thanks Honey!!


I left the last comment, now its 24 hours later. Yesterday after 35 minutes the cotton had a little blood on it, that's all, but swelling was gone, no pain at all! Gland under the tooth is slightly tender. When I went to sleep, i woke up with a very bad taste in my mouth,looked at the area-the gum line had opened up, i know this was infection draining out, i spit for awhile. didn't want to go back to sleep w/ cotton in my mouth-thought i might end up choking on it. So I took a big paper towel- stuffed half of it around that tooth to catch what i know was infection. I left the other half of the paper towel outside my mouth, closed my teeth around it and went back to sleep. I had no pain literally after 10 minutes of doing it your way. Had the slightest tenderness only under the tooth tonight (mind you, my infection before i did your remedy was eminating and swollen three inches all around that loose tooth). So I just did your remedy again to make sure that infection is fully gone. no blood on cotton, just less tender. Good Job! I know it's gone. I'm doing alot of refridgerated acidophilus/ echinachea goldenseal formula/ manuka honey and colloidal silver in case any infection has spread. I'm doing celestial seasonings detox am tea- this has drained swollen glands under a bad tooth for me before. I'm VERY LIGHTLY chewing TINY bits of cut up apple to get the tooth to tighten up again. This has worked to tighten up a loose tooth for me before. But last time this happened (TMJ)I knew that would tighten up the loose tooth, and it did! but it had gotten infected also and I didn't know about your remedy for infection. I had that tooth removed. NOW Alicia if this ever happens again, I'll never need to lose another tooth THANK YOU!!


Thank you Thank you!! I had a huge throbbing pain for about an hour and it was not going away. I took Ibiprofin and no relief. As soon as I put on the cotton balls I felt instant relief. This works amazing I am going on 30 minutes of no pain and am looking forward to get a good sleep:)


omg so i've been going on with this pain for a few days now, just a growing pain and more swollen everyday. tried a few things, ibuprofen, ice, salt water, hell GARLIC salt water, the garlic salt water helped me sleep, i know im not the only one being rudely awakened by this :c
went out on a frenzy hunt this morning at the store got all the ingredients, now sitting here, 25 mins to go but i already feel better, the swollen gland under the tooth has went down(: cant wait to check it soon, thx sooo much!


yes this remedy def does work. I took all the pain relief ibuprofen, coo dine, paracetamol and this is my 3 night without sleep. I started antibiotics and had 3 already but still have this pain.I feel like throwing myself of a cliff,but def did this for 35 min and is able to think to reply on here thanks sooo much im feeling well relief


OMG....this remedy sooooo works. I am sooooo glad I tried this remedy. Thanks so much. I hope everyone tries it that has a tooth ache!


This worked! I felt instant relief but when I removed after the first 35 I felt a little pain so I did it again for 15min and had my first good sleep in WEEKS! I have had pain on both sides of my lower teeth in the back, the right side is still a little sore but SO MUCH BETTER, the pain was starting to go up to my ear! I will definitely make sure this is used forever



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