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Tried cayenne and honey with cinnamon, these provided a tiny bit of relief. Reading these entries seemed to help the most, the one about not sleeping for 48hrs due to mom's abcess had me laughing so hard that I forgot about the pain. Then I laughed too hard and my swollen jaw reminded me that this abcess is no laughing matter. Second time in a little over a month, penicillin doing nothing this time. At the first episode, the dentist said 'root canal' or it will come back with a vengeance. He was right. So off to the endodontist on Saturday without insurance and a Mastercard in hand for a root canal . . . priceless.

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Root canals can poison you. Research it. I was SICK for 12 years, then found out that root canals can cause SO many ailments. Had them out PROPERLY (read Dr Huggins 'Uninformed Consent', or go to a GOOD holistic dentist that will grind away the bad calcium deposits along with removing the tooth. Very Important! 'Tooth Truth' Dr in Columbus Indiana did mine. I felt better the NEXT day! I feel like I'm in my 30's again! (I'm 51) NO ROOT CANALS!!! Research it...

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