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I have, in the last while, had pain in my gums in my mouth so I began using Hydrogen Peroxide and the pain and infection eventually went away. I know that using the Peroxide cured my mouth and gum infection. I continue to use Peroxide daily as a mouth rinse after I brush my teeth.

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Jessie Coleman

My gums getting worse I tried everything just want work what do I do now please anybody comment


Hydrogen Peroxide is on the shelf in any pharmacy and is the most inexpensive thing and most effective thing you can use. I keep it in my medicine cabinet and have used it for at least 20 years with absolutely no problem. Just don't swallow it.


Google free dental day. Also look for dental schools that will reduce the price.

Gums & teeth pain: Clove & peppermint oil, swish mouth with warm salt water, use vanilla extract, tea tree oil, baking soda.

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