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I have, in the last while, had pain in my gums in my mouth so I began using Hydrogen Peroxide and the pain and infection eventually went away. I know that using the Peroxide cured my mouth and gum infection. I continue to use Peroxide daily as a mouth rinse after I brush my teeth.

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baiimackiinz said to exfoliate which is very ipamrtont but if you have acne that is cystic to not use any harsh sort of scrub. use a scrub that has glycoloic acid in it or that has extremely fine scrubbing beads. if you use something like st. ives scrub that is a bit of a harsher scrub than it will just irritate your acne and spread the bacteria causing more acne


I have a problem and I need help, asap. A few months ago my dentist pulled out my tooth that was in pain, then a few months after my gums where they pulled the tooth from were hurting. When I got them checked they gave me a mouth wash to use for only 2 weeks. It worked! But just recently it started hurting again. I went back to my dentist, they took x-rays and saw nothing wrong. Advil doesn't work. Please tell me what I should do.


Ok this isn't a resolve, but for me, it got me outta the pain for long enough to be able to atleast get to sleep. Lay in front of the cold aircon and blast your face, this gets rid of the pain within about three minutes, I'm no doctor, so can't explain why this works, but I just hope it can help atleast one person out. I took ibeprofen and aspirin and neither of them did anything at all.


Ive been experiencing severe gum pain for the past 4 days. I've tried gargling with salt and warm water, applying oral gel and putting use to other home remedies....(none of them actually worked for me). I just woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain I could not sleep. Long story short, i've discovered another remedy that really worked for me instantly! 'Pure Vanilla Extract'. I just took a cotton swab and rubbed over the painful area and instantly after a few tingles the pain was gone. It may not work for everyone but it did for me and hopefully it works for you.


Not sure how smart it is, but I have been laying here in terrible pain, gums just.THROBBING, tried clove oil, peroxide, you name it. Opened my medicine cabinet- sore throat spray. Its numbing! I sprayed two little sprays on my gums, instant pain relief! Maybe now I can sleep! Hope it helps! ♥


thank u so much for posting this i have been loking for something forever the thing got so i bad i litteraly couldnt go to sleep at nightthos has helped tremendously



How long have you used hydrogen peroxide (HP)? Is it safe to use longer term? I had gum pain for couple of month and I started using HP, it worked well but just for few weeks. It keeps coming back! I'm just afraid to use HP for longer period.
Please advice me.



Where would one get Hydrogen Peroxide? How long and often should one use it? If the pain is continuously returning, would you keep using it for such long periods of time?


about the hydrogen peroxide do i use it as a like a mouthwash just say gurgle and spit out



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