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Forget most of this rubbish about weight loss. There is only one effective way to lose weight long term and that is definately not with exercise. Exercise does not burn much calories. The calories are mainly burn as heat for your body. So forget exercise... Only excerise if you want to.
So then how do you lose weight. Thats the easy part...have all the stuff that the so called 'experts' having been telling us to cut back on. 1. Most important thing you need in your diet is fat... heaps of it dont worry about the calories. You need at least 100grams a day and protein of about 100grams or more.
2.Lower carbs to around 100grams day. Reduce bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. I anit talking so called 'Health' fat. You need heaps of saturated fat in your diet to lose weight and be lean like a lion. Think about it why would eggs have the yoke in the middle. Why is the fat on meat surround by protein. This is food in its natural form. The more fat you eat the more fat you burn. Try it and you will never try another diet again!

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I am sorry but this person is wrong - this is very bad advice.
Exercise is a very important factor and it is recommended that you do at least 30 mins of something that raises your heart rate and gets you sweaty an slightly out of breath (not gasping!).
It is simple, so I will keep it simple, don't eat more calories than you burn off. Eat small regular meals and stop when you start to feel full. You have to watch what you eat - this means dont be eating processed nasty quick food, it is always better to eat natural and cook from scratch. You do need to watch how much carbs you are eating but the same goes for fat to - do not eat too much of either. If you are trying to lose weight I would suggest only eat good fats sparingly but do not avoid them - avocados, olive oil, nuts, oily fish are all very good options.
Oats & whole grain rice are your best carbs, also broccoli, cauliflower & beans/peas/legumes - I would stay away from pastas and white bread/rice as it is too easy to over eat and there isn't much nutrition.
Vegetable, vegetables, VEGETABLES - fill you and fuel you! Lastly, drink plenty of water, herbal teas - try and limit or eliminate fizzy drinks (even diet) too much fruit juices (hard to keep track of the calories you are getting) and you will be on your way to losing weight & keeping it off. hope this clarifies thing a little for you guys :)


Ummm, yeahhhh.....the original post above is the all-American rednecks guide to weight loss. Obesity is controlled by (and I am qualified to give this advice because I spent years as an obese woman) portion-controlled, nutrient-dense, balanced diet and a combination of some form of aerobic activity on a daily basis along with strength training a few days a week. It takes committment and persistance, not wishful thinking and ignorance.


I know everyone is different, and I do agree that people need fat in their diet. Fat is not evil, but to much of a good thing, can be a bad thing. I also do not understand this way of thinking for exercise. If you burn calories because your body heats up, doesn't your body's heat raise when you exercise? I know mine does. Also, i've never known someone to be successful in weight loss by eating loads of fat. I have none people who approach it in a sensible way of eating whole foods, and exercising, to be very successful. As for myself I've lost 30lbs doing it this way, and I think i'll continue my way. I do not cut any particular nutrient out of my diet, including fat, but I do watch my overall calorie intake.


The person who posted this is not wrong. Yes, everyone is different, but coconut oil is actually a saturated fat because it becomes solid when it sits around. But it is actually really healthy for you internally and externally as the best skin moisturizer ever. People who are worried about their cholesterol might not want to consume that much saturated fat, but fats do not hurt you if you are just a normal person trying to lose some weight. They help you, as does protein. Carbs and sugars are the problem. Yes, we need carbs and sugar for energy, but in this day and age people consume way too much. Carbs and sugar are in everything... it's hard to get away from them, but not impossible. You can have all the natural meat you want, all the vegetables you want, cheese/dairy, fats/oils, and just the minimum amount of carbs and sugar to keep you going. Why do you think Atkins is such a successful diet?

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