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Hi, I have been suffering from ugly nails since i was 16.I am 27 now and I was devastated about it. Finally i started being consistent with the vinegar spraying it on my nails at least twice a day for a month. Ive been noticing a a big difference but i guess im just anxious to know its working... did anyone have there nails turn more yellow (on the infected part) as the clear nail grew out.? what about the nails that have turned totally brown(and have been brown for a long long time) will they come back to life and look normal? thanks

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I MUST DECLARE AMAZING NEWS!! i have made a salve of apple cider vinegar (soaked toilet paper then wrapped over affected nails with saran wrap or bandaid---trying not to cover skin so skin can breathe) and worn it almost every night(all night) for 3-4 months. I would also file down my thick nail periodically to help the vinegar penetrate. I AM THRILLED TO SAY THAT AFTER 9 MONTHS MY 3 INFECTED TOES ARE PINK ANd FULLY GROWN BACK!! IT WORKS!!! MY BIG TOE WAS LITERALLY HALF CRUMBLED 19 months ago!! I have suffered from thick crumbling dark splotched toenails for 10-20 years...and it was getting worse and spreading.I have found an effective treatment!! Lamisil did not work! I now still wear my salve overnight as maintenance once or twice a week. I can now wear sandals in public for the first time in a decade!!!

This treatment takes diligence and patience but is sooo worth it.


i used vicks vapor rub & i've had great results within 2 weeks major difference & its easy to use

Finally Free

I'M A BELIEVER!!!!!! I have been using the vinegar and the Vicks Vapor rub religiously for 5 months and the fungus is gone. I soaked my feet every day for at least 10 minutes, longer sometimes. Immediately the fungus began dying and with each treatment I cleared away the smelly, nasty stuff that must have been the fungus and who knows what else from under the nail. My fungus was very bad but as the nail grew out I was able to clear out less and less as the new nail had no space to get the file under. Woo hoo!!! My boyfriend looked at my nail just the other day and said, wow, your nail is totally clear. I still have a dead nail that has about 10 % to grow out so I will keep doing the treatments until the new nail is totally grown out. Even then I'll probably soak at least twice a month just to make sure it doesn't come back. You have to commit to doing this and it did take me about five months but it was worth it. Looking forward to a summer with sandals on!!! Good luck.

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