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i have suffered from psoriasis from i believe 12 or 13 yrs young. it started ass really itchy red bumps all over even on my face 1 night i was taken to mexico were they said it was an allergy and they gave me like 12 shots the bumps turned into purpleish red spots which i know now are plaques. later a dermatoligist at Kaiser said i had P and that all the shots most likely dropped my immune system to the floor and thats how it happend. im 16 now and months ago i thought why me? dont we all but why not me, it was for a reason i believe this brought out the best in me to love myself and really take care of myself and body. Luckily my mom turned me organic a year ago and i have been taken organic vitamins D, B12, fishoil, vegtable supplements everything i can think of to help. Over the counter vitamins have many chemicals and 5% vitamin which is why i recomend to go to a natural store. I read here that scrubbing the P with a toothbrush , rinse then apply vasseline & i am proud to say that IT WORKS magically and i am so happy i am almost there i can finally see my skin and the redness turned to pink and is vanishing slowly ! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SHARED THERE CURES IT WAS SO HELPFUL I AM CRYING WRITING THIS BECAUSE THE DOCTORS SAID THERE WAS NO CURE ID DIE WITH PSORIASIS! BUT NOW I HAVE HOPE AGAIN THAT I COULD BE A NORMAL TEEENAGER AND WEAR DRESSES AND SHORTS IN SUMMER! BLESS YOU ALL never stop trying never give up the fight !your frined-Amber<3

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Im glade to finally hear that im not the only teenager with psoriousis!!!! Im 15 and have had this since i was 9!I always haad the same quesestion why me? why can i just be a normal teenager?? i have tons of moments when i would cry myself asleep because, my friends would ask me to go to the pool and i would say no do to being to embarresed! 7th grade i started to get depressed and had no self confedince at all. i had guys who would call me beatiful and pretty, i always tried to hide my psoriousis afraid they would just turn the other way as soon as they saw the ugly patches on my skin. THIS WEBSITE HAS GIVIN ME HOPE THAT I MIGHT ACTUALLY LIVE A NORMAL HIGH SCHOOL LIFE! INSTEAD OF HIDING BEHIND MY CLOTHS! AND THINKING THERE WAS NO HOPE!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

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