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Grace here again! There was one important part of our skin management system that I forgot to mention, and this is a good one! I read the posts on this site for over an hour and didn't come across this remedy once, and for you fellow sufferers, you must try this...WET WRAPS! They are simple; hydrate the affected area, put wet clothes over it, then dry clothes.
For example, my son's eczema is the worst on his feet. On days when he has a horrible flare-up, before bed I put a thin layer of cortisone, wet socks, then dry socks. His feet are a million times better in the morning. On days where his feet are just really dry and cracked, I use Vani Cream instead of the steroid cream (not as natural as I'd prefer, but still better than most products available). When his skin is really dry all over, we give him a luke-warm baking soda bath at night, barely pat him dry, put wet thermal pjs on him, and then put footie pjs over those. It's a rough 10 minute process as he's 2 and doesn't understand why mommy is putting wet clothes on him, but he's over it by the time his footies are on. We put him to bed like that and in the morning he's nice and moist!
My eczema is the worst on my face, and my sweet hubby took an old cotton tee of his, and cut it up to make a face mask for me! I look ridiculous in it at night, but it's worth it to me to be able to wake up in the morning and have a soft face.
Wet wraps are GREAT for the hands. My hands often get so dry that they get paper-like cuts all over them-so painful! But when I wet-wrap them before bed, they are like a 'normal' persons' when I wake up!
Seriously, people, you must try this! :)

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You should not be occluding (covering) any area of the body that has cortisone on it OTC or prescription. That magnifies the effect....especially in children. I would worry about your son getting too high of a level of steriod in his body over time can lead to Cushing's Syndrome. Try Aquaphor and the socks or alternate...


Thanks! I do worry a lot about putting the steriod on him. I just feel desperate sometimes when he's so inflammed. Aquphor hasn't helped much in the past, but I'll try it again!


i have the same problems with mii daugter hands yhu have with yours i dnt have cortison cream what is a good alternative ??


how exactly do you do the face wrap??

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