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So this is what I did: I put about 8-10 aspirin (I didn't count them because I was in so much pain and I was so desperate) in a bowl and crushed them with a wooden kitchen tool. I added about 6 ounces of filtered water, and a little salt because it was kind of bitter. I heated it in the microwave until it was very warm. I soaked a cotton ball in the solution and placed the cotton ball in my mouth, in the dry socket. In about 5 minutes, I was completely out of pain again! Thank God- and thank you! Actually, the pain went from about a 10 to about a 1 or 2. I stayed pain free all day long by reheating the solution and applying a fresh cotton ball several more times- especially after eating and drinking.
[I originally tried swishing the solution gently in my mouth, but that gave my whole mouth a terrible chalky feeling that lasted several hours. That's when I switched to applying it directly with a cotton ball.]

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I am a dental assistan and I dont know that I'd recommend this..only because if the pain is due to the cavity being close to the nerve then you are actually going to cause an aspirin burn (similar to placing aspirin inside your cheek)inside the tooth.


this really works i use it when i got it
the the warning is that it rots your toothe faster you keep doing your on the same toothe it will crumble i did it to a toothe it didn't bother me because now its completly dead never had pain again with and then couple of months later i told the dentist to pull what's left of it out and it didn;t even hurt . never been happier




I did this and it DID work -but on ly for about 10-15 minutes, I dont know if I'd do it more than a few times a day only if the pain was really bad (mine was) and it helped me make it thru til i got to the dentist. don't know about the aspirin burn - by the time i got desperate enough to try somethign like this AFTER anbesol AND orajel AND the ice cube on my palm.... i didnt care - i just wanted the PAIN to EBB ANY - it did.


MOFO!! it didnt work!!! thanks for the advice anyway :)


try putting super glue on tooth it really does work.


My husband has a really bad toothache and can't get to the dentist until tomorrow. I took one asprin and put it in a ziplock bag and crushed it with a butter knife handle. Then he licked his finger and put it on the asprin dust and rubbed the crushed asprin on the gums on both side of the aching tooth. He said it burned a little bit but not bad. Then the pain was a lot less and it stopped throbbing. It gave him enough pain relief to finally get some sleep.
Thanks for the asprin idea dude!!


Acetaminophen (tylenol) crushed is very helpful for toothache caused by root pain. They actually sell crushed and flavored acetaminophen with only flavoring added for toothache. (i just crush a regular tylenol). just crush and apply directly to tooth and area. Aspirin should NOT be used it is ACID!!!


when your in this much pain it's hard to say what works your SO desperate you'll try anything.. im only 24 and I have all these problems with my teeth, TMJ, need two root canals and need 3 wisdom teeth pulled! As if thats not bad enough i don't have dental! And I'm petrified of the dentist! But with this much pain I'm ready for anything! The crushed acetaminophen worked well for a while like everything else including the ice beleive it or not but i also tried alcohol it worked for a while... but the only real solution i am afraid will be the dentist!

Misty Roberts

I crushed tylenol an rubbed my finger in it and put it on my tooth it instantly stopped the pain!!!....amazing!!!

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