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Apple Cider Vinegar is I think one of the best options. I've tried all types of deodorants but for two weeks now, I've been using apple cider vinegar. Better if you put it in a sprayer bottle (to make it more handy). Spray on your armpit before taking a bath, let it stay for about 5 mins then take a shower. Better if you use a baby bath soap which does not have any strong scent. Take a bath as usual. After that, do not put any thing on your armpit ... observe ... you will see the difference ... we will not smell anything the whole day. It works for me, hope it will also work for you.

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I haven't tried that may give it a try. I use a hand made remedy by mama nature called athlete for women. It has coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils and stops me from smelling.


OMG, apple cider vinegar REALLY works!!! I did exactly what you said and hours later before going to bed I also used a dry mixture of baking soda & constarch (equal parts) applied with a cotton ball. I was dry & odor-free the next day....what a HUGE relief! Thank you for your posting.


i tried this home remedy i.e., apple cider vinegar and baking soda. i followed the poster's steps for the vinegar and used baby soap (coz luckily i have a 5 month old baby and i used johnson's baby soap head to toe body wash on her). make sure to rub it thoroughly on your armpit using a loofah or wash cloth to cleanse it properly. then after i dried my armpits i applied the baking soda. now i can start wearing sleeveles without stinking! thanks for the tips! i hope this works for all those suffering from BO.


Where can i buy this apple cider vinegar? Do i need to mix it with water when i apply it?

robin a.

I knew acv would kill bacteria so I used it with a cotton ball under my arms to controll odor. I worked great. been using for about 5 days. Cheaper than deoderant and safer to use. I was surprised to find so many articles on the internet about it. I shower in the morning, apply and go about my day.


where could I buy Apple Cider Vinegar because I couldn't find it in any of stores in my location.


Apple Cider Vinegar can be purchased at any grocery store. Just ask.


ACV is good but I didnot like the smell when I was applying it. I didnot find any difference after using it for a couple of days. How about normal vinegar?


Thank you so much. I tried every deodorant on the store shelves and none of them worked. My armpit odor was so strong to the point where i did not want to stand too close to anyone. I mixed distill vinegar water and baking powder. I made it a little pasty and to my surprise it worked. I'm now going on 10 hours with no Odor and no deodorant . This is a life saver because I never went 5 minutes without armpit odor!!!

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