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Thanks to this website! After years of no lice my four year old daughter ( with waist length hair) finally got them from some friends children at a sleepover. Full panic mode from me resulted in finding this site. I dosed both our hair in cheap supermarket white vinegar ( about $2 for a litre) then left it on hair for about an hour covered in shower caps. watch out for the eyes as this can sting. I then rinsed out the vinegar and used palmolive dish liquid, then applied baby oil, then washed this out with palmolive dish liguid again. After this I liberally coated our hair in any cheap hair conditioner and combed out with lice combs. I got out about 40 dead lice!!! This method definitely works. I then blow dried our hair with a hot drier and straightened with a hot iron as apparently this kills the nits with the heat. Our hair is now lice and nit free, we will repeat this again in another day or two. NO NEED for expensive and dangerous lice chemicals. Good luck. Hope this helps someone out. :)

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Has to be a dishwashing soap or any normal shampoo will do....also instead of baby oil can I use coconut oil ? Thanks


Since this method has so many good reviews, i will try it, ive been battling lice with my 3 year old daughter for 2 months, nothing seems to work.


thanks so much well l am about to try this l am at my wits end with this my 13 year old daughter has just been sent home from school AGAIN. Like so many others it seems it's the children with the LONG CURLY BEAUTIFULLY THICK HAIR that they target but l am not about to shave my daughters head although l must admit the thoughts looking pretty good. Well l just really wanted to say thankyou so very much for sharing this remedy, better run have to cancel my weekend and put alot of coffee on it's going to be a long one lol


does it have to be palmolive coz we dnt hav it where i live


I have been fighting this with my 5 year old for over a month now, it is driving me crazy! Just when I think they are gone, she starts itching again. I have tried nix 2 times and reg lice shampoo 3 times, I just bought all these ingredients tonight and plan on taking a few hours tomorrow to get rid of the problem once and for all! I'll repost results! Thanks!


^UPDATE^ I just did this and WOW! this really works! hundreds of nits came out and a few bugs along with it! I had just used nix less than a week ago (for the 4th time) and it must have done nothing for the problem!This process, while lengthy, is completely worth the time! I am absolutely amazed with the results!


I'm experiencing my daughter's first encounter with lice and I must say when I got that call from the school nurse today I was totally grossed out. I immediately picked her up from school and headed to Walmart for a lice kit. I tried RID and it didn't work. She still had live lice in her hair. I looked all over online for an at home remedy and am trying this one now. I'm on the conditioner step. I'm going to rinse in an hour and reshampoo with Palmolive for the 3rd time and pray it works. Question... Since I cannot monitor the other cases of lice at school how can I be proactive so that it doesn't come back? I keep hearing that it's hard to get rid of. I've cleaned and washed everything in my home, sprayed Hot Shot flea spray everywhere and vaccuumed. But how do I keep her from getting it again?


We have three girls and often two neices and one nephew at our house. All three of our girls have other homes that they go to every other weekend. So, you can imagine the number of houses we manage to infest quite quickly. This method worked for me. My ex-husband put a few drops of tea tree oil in my daughter's shampoo and conditioner at his house and she has yet to get it again. However, three other of the kids now have it. As for keeping it away, I think tea tree oil is the way to go. You just have to be careful how much to use. Read directions.

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