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Thanks to this website! After years of no lice my four year old daughter ( with waist length hair) finally got them from some friends children at a sleepover. Full panic mode from me resulted in finding this site. I dosed both our hair in cheap supermarket white vinegar ( about $2 for a litre) then left it on hair for about an hour covered in shower caps. watch out for the eyes as this can sting. I then rinsed out the vinegar and used palmolive dish liquid, then applied baby oil, then washed this out with palmolive dish liguid again. After this I liberally coated our hair in any cheap hair conditioner and combed out with lice combs. I got out about 40 dead lice!!! This method definitely works. I then blow dried our hair with a hot drier and straightened with a hot iron as apparently this kills the nits with the heat. Our hair is now lice and nit free, we will repeat this again in another day or two. NO NEED for expensive and dangerous lice chemicals. Good luck. Hope this helps someone out. :)

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I'm using this same method and work wonders in my daughter. I just wish I use this earlier, we spend hundreds in lice treatments and by far the vinegar/dish liquid is the best!!


how many times did you do it?


In response to your question below, I am doing the same method again the next day making sure to leave the vinegar on the hair under a showercap for an hour or so ( this helps break down the glue which binds the nits to the hair shaft, even lice combs cannot break these most of the time) The best way to eradicate is be methodical, check the hair each day and keep it up as necessary. I left a conditioner in our hair overnight, baby oil works also. Just wash it out the next day with a bit of vinegar and then your normal shampoo and conditioner. Good luck. :)


hi, i am really eager to try your method, as others have not worked for me. I am just not clear, do you leave the hair conditioner on, and then comb out, or put the hair conditioner in, wash out, and then comb? thanks!!


im so gonna try this, i have 3 boys and 1 girl. i so mad cuz she has such good hair thick. i tried everything over the counter meds, dyeing it ugh its so tireing and stressful. for her to be the only gilr there is no need for it. but the school dont do anything either. imma give this a shot, i been doing the vinger mom did it to me, but they wont leave cuz of all these eggs. im going to the store now.


Thanks so much for your reply. I am trying to use the treatment every day. So, you put the vinegar in for an hour, wash it out with palmolive, put baby oil in, and wash it out with palmolive, and then hair conditioner? And then comb hair and leave the hair conditioner in all night? Do you think it will work to wash out the vinegar, and then put in the baby oil, and leave it in. Then comb hair and keep baby oil in all night? thanks so much!!

Melissa H

Thank you for your home remedy of killing off nits - I have a 15 year old with waist length thick hair so to say this was a daunting task is an understatement.
I thoroughly drenched my daughters in white vinegar & put her hair in a shower cap for an hour.
I then rinsed the vinegar out & washed her in concentrated Palmolive Dishwashing liquid rinsed it out & then thoroughly coated her hair in baby oil & used the nit comb to comb it all through so to dissolve the egg glue on the hair shaft.
I rinsed it out with mor Palmolive Dishwashing liquid, towel dried it & thoroughly coated the hair in cheap but thick hair conditioner & combed through with a wide tooth comb & then a nit comb.
I then wrapped hair with condioner in shower cap for another hour.
Nit comb hair again until no more nits then shampoo & condition again & wide tooth comb hair again.
Dried hair with hair dryer & then straightened it in small segments & with final nit comb to ensure all nits & eggs removed!
All gone & it worked!
Have also washed all towels & bed linen to ensure no reinfestation!
Thanks again everyone for your valuable posts - was time consuming but well worth it!


I have been fighting lice in my 5 yr olds head since november! I am so tire of them! I have used over the counter stuff and meds from the doctor and nothing is working! I am going to give this a try! but here isa question maybe someone can answer, I have 2 girls and 1 boy and my 5 yr old is the only one getting the lice and the girls sleep in the same bed somethings and are always together so hwo does one get it and not the other? any ideas


I tried it with my 2 year old because I didn't want to use the prescription the doc gave and it worked so I did my two step daughters n did wonders the we're both bad when they came to our house even after being treated with kerosene and rid and now they are good


does it have to be Palmolive or does any dish soap work?

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