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God bless and good luck!

I was diagnosed over 3 years ago, so around late 2008 I found out. I am ashamed til this very day but my husband/babies father accepts it and supports my home remedies because he sees how horrible I feel down there. The thing that bothers me most is knowing I have this descusting std. I hate having to be super cacious around my children and especially my husband. As far as we know, he hasn't gotten it yet. I have no idea where I got this from, I have been with my husband for over 6 years and have had no sexual contact with anyone else. It's horrible; i feel gross, dirty, ugly, embarrassed and much more during an outbreak.

So as far as remedies; I've tried the L-Lysine and it works for me. I am in the mix of an outbreak right now and I was reading up on some of your guys' remedies. I went out and baught some Vitamin C pills and some bee propolis and royal jelly, I found these all at CVS pharmacy.

Good luck to you all and God bless. Without the power and strength from HIM, I'd be a reck! My husband is amazing, so as long as you find great emotional support, you'll be fine. I'm still trying to accept this, as you can see, but I'm getting better and better with each outbreak.

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If you havent cheated on your husband and you've been together for years and all of a sudden you have genital herpes, guess what???? Your husband cheated on you, got it from whoever he was cheating on you with and gave it to you. That's also why he's been sooo wonderful about it he feels guilty about it.


They say you can get it from oral sex cause I've been faithful and So has my boyfriend and I've never had it and neither had he. But you can get it from orally going down on someone


I read the previous comment about your husband cheating on you and I'm sorry to say that I agree with this person 100%. There is no other way to get this disease but through some sort of sexual contact. If you've never cheated and been together for 6 years and diagnosed for 3 he cheated sweetie. I bet money he has outbreaks you don't no about. Go to the doctor with him because he has it too.


Herpes virus can lay dormant in your system for several years. Unless your husband is the only person you have ever slept with then it is a possibility that you contracted this from a previous partner. So give your husband the benefit of the doubt. More than likely he is infected as well but doesn't show any signs. If you want to verify this. Go get blood screenings done. I heard of the virus being dormant for up to 10-15 years. There is no telling for sure when you contracted this very common STD. I was just diagnosed about 5 months ago and I hate that I have it and beat myself up for being so irresponsible with my past sexual encounters. The thing that I didn't do was accuse my husband of 7 years of cheating. I am sure that I had for all these years and when my immune system was compromised from surgery I had an outbreak. I just realized today that I have one blister and am looking into finding a way to get it healed quickly. Keep your spirits up. Approx 1 in 6 people have this virus. You didn't ask for it but you got it so deal with it with dignity. You can do it.


How dare you people tell this woman that her husband cheated on her??? Do you know him? I have been with my husband for 12 years, he has always suffered from cold sores. I have never once had a cold sore. I was diagnosed with GH a few months ago and was told by my Dr. that it is VERY likely that I got it from my husbands cold sores. On top of that, GH can lay dormant (like the other person said) for many years. Also, I understand how you feel. It's a gross feeling. But, if you are like me and have a loving husband, everything will be fine. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck!


It is true that HSV1(cold sore variety) can be transmitted to the genitalia. The super cool thing is that you can have the site of an outbreak swabbed and determine whether you have HSV1 or HSV2 (genital herpes). That could firm up who and where it was contracted from.


It is actually true that some people can have the disease without having any symptoms of any outbreak. You or your husband could have gotten it from someone else before you were together, but didn't know it, and you are now having the symptoms. To find out if your husband has the antibodies present in his bloodstream, go and have him take a blood test.

I understand your feelings completely because I have also been feeling that way for the last couple days since finding out that I have HSV. I am encouraged, though, by this website and can't wait to go and purchase some items to help with my symptoms as well as keep my immune system in check.

Thank you for posting and may the Lord comfort and guide us through our life's journey.

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