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I don't know the man that said use honey...but I think I love him! Lol Honey works! I've tried tea, salt water, vanilla extract, cold water, warm water, cough drops, swishing, swashing anything n everything! Needless to say some worked for a short time my next step was just to let someone punch me in the face lol...until I saw honey n thought ehh why not? It worked! I can sleep now thank you! :)

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Honey really does kill the pain. You don't think it will at first. But give it a minute or two. I can even touch the infected tooth and I feel no pain. Thanks so much.


I must say this was part of a remedy i made and it helped alot! My tooth is still sore but its alot better than it was. I saw another post about soaking the tooth in beer for1-3 minutes i did that till the beer is gone thhen used honey

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