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Hi All,
Its been over 2 years that i have this problem which started with normal itching and now turned into dry rough scaly patches over my both palms causes itching at times, so much that i bleed upon scratching. Pls help me by suggesting a suitable remedy.I am from India.

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I am laso from india Abhi , suffering from last 5 years but no remedy working :(


I have an old family remedy that works great for my household and a few friends and works within a week. It needs to be a 50/50 mixture of head and shoulders shampoo and the original listerin mouth wash ( its amber colored ) mix these 2 in equal parts and you can use as shampoo and body wash its very effective for us i hope you have some great luck with it as well


I suffered from pysriosis for over 20 years. My husband listens to Dr Gary Null who talks about healing your body naturally from within. To sum it up, I eliminated dairy,meats (all animal products), all process foods,white products (rice,flour, pasta) and sugars. I only eat all fruits,vegetables, lots of lentils and nuts. I am 100% cured and blessed. I am not on any meds. good luck and god bless

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