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For the best instant relief of the most painful ulcer under my tongue i have ever had i dipped a water soluble aspirin in a cup filled with only a mouthful of water and pressed the dissolving tablet onto the affected area until about half a tablet is left. Put that half in your cup of water and wait for it to dissolve. It stings a fair bit as the bubbles work their magic so i then gently swish the liquid mix around and hold for a minute or so. The pain is gone so quickly and no more irritation when my teeth brush up against the ulcer.
I use aspro clear and since discovering it i havent bought nurofen or panadol since.
Gargling it works for sore or infected throats.
It will quickly relieve even the worst period pains.
I turn to it when i crack my neck too much through the day and end up with a tension headache.

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Its really helpfull


My GP recommended taking an asprin tablet, crushing it and dabbing some powder directly on the ulcer. This provides an analgesic/anti-inflammatory effect and also helps to dry up the ulcer and promotes healing. Been doing this for years, my kids do it to and it seems to help

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