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gently warm some olive oil and crush one clove of garlic. mix together and dip a tissue in to it. place the tissue into infected ear and leave for 5-10 minutes. the pain should go away.
p.s my grandmother used this remedy to cure my ear ache because somehow when i used to visit her (she lives by the sea)i used to get a really bad ear ache. so she used it and i got better. hope this helps :)

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I'm a chiropractor and we have a homeopathic remedy made with garlic oil , works wonderfully, use it with my own kids.


wow..... this one really works.... my son (8yr old.. i wonder what is it with 8 yr old kids.... so many seems to b having ear ache.. )who was complaining of terrible ear ache and wud not stop crying...seems to have calmed down after i did this..... really helpful and thanks to u and ur grandmother....


You can also buy the odorless garlic gel pills and squeeze them in your ear. They work the same as garlic oil.


It works! My Grandmother had told me the same remedy years ago...I didnt remember until I saw this post! Thank God, that pain can be so severe for little ones. My six year old daughter woke in the middle of the night with it but this remedy saved us. She is sleeping now, thank you.


Thank you for this easy and effective fix for my son. Ten minutes after I did this for him he was asleep again :-))))). God Bless you and your Grandma!!!!


omg thanx for this remedy my little brother was up for hours nd i did the same but i didnt use olive oil i used grape seed oil nd hes stopped crying thank u so much for posting this remedy


this worked wonders for my 8yr old son. He is now fast asleep. thanks so much fot sharing.


any side effect

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