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ear doctor

gently warm some olive oil and crush one clove of garlic. mix together and dip a tissue in to it. place the tissue into infected ear and leave for 5-10 minutes. the pain should go away.
p.s my grandmother used this remedy to cure my ear ache because somehow when i used to visit her (she lives by the sea)i used to get a really bad ear ache. so she used it and i got better. hope this helps :)

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I hope this work because it smells really bad.


I have been up with my 8yr. Old son all night, due to ear pain. Ive tried everything! At 5am he was still crying! I searched the web for help, when I came accross this. I did just as you said, long story short.....its now 5:29 & my baby is snoring!!!!!! YESSS FINALLY! Thank you so much!

Jose R

Thank you sooooo much, God bless your grandmother and you for posting this home remedy... My 3yr old has an ear infection and going to bed is a nightmare, he has his doctors appointment tomorrow, I didn't know what to do, if wait for the appointment or take him to the ER, I followed your post directions and it only took about 15min, it seems like the ear pain has disappear, thank you so much!


Thank you so much. Definitely keeping this one in my book. Worked within 15 min max. My 3.5 yr old sound asleep (snoring). Now I can go get some zzzz too....

A greatful mother


I was dying last night with sn ear pain and I came online desperate . I read this one and it make me tried it. It's afternoon and the pain is gone . Thank you soo much for sharing with us. It does work.


My mom used to do the same thing for me when I was a lil grl and it always worked :) now I'm 22 years old and I'm gonna do it again! This pain is killing me :(

punjabi jatt

Thax verry much


does it have to be olive oil?


how many times should this be repeated? im going to do this for my daughter thanks for sharing hope it works!!!


Yup! It worked! My 8 year old was crying for about 2 hours. We did the oil and garlic and he is asleep. Thank you Jesus for grandma's.

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