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I have a broken back molar that has caused me problems on and off for awhile now, but nothing like the pain I had yesterday! It started as just a mild throbbing sensation in and around the tooth and quickly became the worst toothache I've ever had! I tried various rememdies I found on here when the Excedrin and Anbesol weren't cutting it anymore. Nothing gave me any kind of significant relief and, in fact, some of the things actually increased the pain! I finally gave up and took a trip to the local Walmart hoping to find ANYTHING to help and if all else failed, I'd hit the liquor aisle! The trip was well worth it because I came home with some Orajel maximum strength for severe toothache cream and some plain old ibruprofen. By this time, the pain had spread down my neck to my glands and up my jaw to my ear. The orajel really significantly helped with the pain in my tooth and gums, and the ibuprofen and some ice took care of the pain along my jaw and neck. Ahhh, relief!! Fair warning though, I woke up from a sound sleep with the pain back in full force and I had to do the whole Orajel, ibuprofen, ice routine again to get back to sleep, but the fact that I got back to sleep at all was amazing to me! Just wanted to share in case someone else is similarly suffering out there! Good luck! And of course make a dentist appointment ASAP because the only permanent solution is to have the offender yanked!

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I had the same thing but realized that it was not the tooth causeing it but the excedrin I had taken almost my whole life sense I was like 12. Seems I've developed an allergy to something in it. Once I stoped using it for a few days it got better. Benadrly and IB helped to over ride the effects of the Exedrin.


oh my your a savor I am having he exact same problem have been for two days it's not letting me sleep or eat and is driving me crazy making my jaw hurt my neck hurt and is giving m3 a headache I'm definitely headed to the store now to get this and try it. I really hope it works I'm in constant pain and I just keep brushing my teeth and flossing hoping it will start ease the pain but it doesn't maybe only helps for like a minute, but thank God there is someone out There with an answer.

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