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i've had heatburn for 2 days straight! ughhhhh! i never had heartburn before and it sucks big time. i just took a spoonful of honey and now i'm drinking some hot tea. i hope it works cause i want to sleep tonight! :((

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Celeste Leonardo

Natalie, did the honey/tea combo work?


I have never really had to deal with heartburn until just recently when it started showing up. Anyway,I woke up in the middle of the night tonight and realized 'this must be heartburn.' As I never really understood the term til now... Anyway, a tootle search brought me here and I decided to try the honey and the relief was nearly instant! I followed with a cup of hot green tea with honey added to that as well and while I cant say its 100% gone, I'm worlds away from the way I was feeling when I first woke. I'm thankful right now for the Internet and to those that share their tricks!


Um, that's google I mean, not tootle... freakin autocorrect! lol


honey and tea wont work...try apples,bread, and mineral water. I am pregnant and my heartburn is everyday, the only thing that helps me is washing down tums with water and not eating anything and sitting up. Sleep with some extra pillows to elevate your head.


Well, it's 3:54 am and I need to be up at 7 to go to work. After reading most of these posts while laying in bed, I decided to try a little honey. I didn't even bother with a spoon! After 2 little sips I feel the heartburn subsiding! Wish I would have thought of that sooner, it could have saved me a lot of pain and stress last night! Heading back to bed! Good luck everyone!

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