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Hello i have a long history with eczema but to cut the long story short i would say coconut oil has been wow and my flare ups only come after i take something i react to. In case you can't get the oil but can get the nut this is how you can make your own oil. Get some big mature nuts and dice the flesh, roast in a microwave to dry, blend in blender with water, squeeze out the juice and heat in microwave to get your precious prize. Don't skip the roasting. You will have a sweet smelling oil to give relieve in 3 days. Kinyua

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I love the idea of making your own coconut oil, thanks for sharing! But, wouldn't it be better to roast in the oven? I would think the microwave would kill all the nutrients. Plus, you can't really roast something in a microwave!

Martin k

Thanks for the oven idea since am avoiding the micro wave even though it did work

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