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I think my dog has the mange , as I was reading some of the Home Remedies and noticed that most of them suggest kitchen and medicine cabinet Items I had an Idea. Since most of them use soaps, oils , peroxide & flea and tick meds I decided to try my own. I went to the medicine cabinet and found Anti-fungal cream , Astringent, peroxide, sunscreen , hand sanitizer ,mouth wash, hot oil treatment for hair then dog products flea and tick shampoo , hot spot treatment , hot spot shampoo ,antibacterial medicated shampoo, ear mite drops,flea and tick drops then last vegetable oil from the kitchen, I mixed all of these ingredients together and lathered up my dog & left iton her for an hour as she was locked in the pen outside, after the hour I bathed her in regular dog shampoo and conditioner, after drying her off, I sprayed her with antiseptic spray for dogs. She is not scratching right now and hope this works. I will keep you posted as to my results!

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This guy is funny!


I used MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO and it works! When my dog had the mange I tried that listerine, baby oil, and water combo. It didn't work. He was still miserable. Looked even worse with the baby oil in his hair, and my houuse stunk after using it for 3 days. I tried the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO lathered him up real good, scrubbed roughly, let it sit for 5 minutes, and rinsed well. We all slept better that night. For 1 week every other day I repeated these steps using the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO problem solved. Now he gets a bath once a week with the MEDICATED DANDRUFF SHAMPOO ... Never want to go through that again. ( no name brand ) works fine.


wow some people take things a ;ittle to far


You're joking, right?


I think it's obvious this person is having everybody on. Some people have nothing better to do. It's too bad because people really are looking for help and many swear home remedies work. BTW, for a previous poster, only an idiot would put motor oil in any dilution or mixture on any living thing--it's a known cacenogenic. Please, people, use common sense and just because someone says to use something or says that it worked, check it out further.


Did you intend to heal or kill that dog?

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