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pop tarts, seriously... have always worked for me, chew them up slow and well on or near the affected tooth.

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I accidently voted for this remedy!! Pop tarts ?? Really? I wouldn't try it!


Please don't try pop tarts it's loaded with sugar and who would have thought of this bad idea?


sounds to me like ur just tryn to hurt people more than they already are! BAD IDEA!!!


I accidently, in my toothache pain, voted for the poptart nonsense. Do not try that. I am taking ibuprofen , 400mg every four hours as this tooth isn't as bad as some previous. With the worst, I took ibuprofen 600mg every 4 hours and that controlled it. Sometimes I would stagger the doses alittle in order to ease the pain during the late part of the 4 hours. Also was helped alittle by the garlic, and by the salt water rinses, using water that wasn't cold or hot. Good luck, fellow sufferers. God, but we need a dental care plan in this country!

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