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Tooth Fairy

I had my tooth.broken about 2 yrs ago playing football. Until then I hadnt had as much as a cavity before, by the way I was 24 at this time (not bragging), just saying in 24yrs I never knew the severity of a toothache. A few months ago was when it started to hurt. As time went on the pain greatly intensified. I started making my own homemade fillings out of cotton from qtips. That worked sum what but I needed sum type of pain relief applied directly to the area. I turned to this site, and started reading blogs and came across the tea bag solution. I was in doubt at first but after applying a teabag( that I had wet in the faucet) directly to the affected area, and wala, instant relief. So I figured if it works this good outside the tooth, it must work wonders inside. So I took a small piece of the bag and stuffed it into the hole that the breakage had caused. Not only relief, but I barely remembered it was a bad tooth there. I did this yesterday morning, no pain all day and throughout the night. I woke up this morning, took the stuffing out, cleaned the affected area, repeated the teabag process, with a little cotton also just to protect the teabag, and so far been walkin on sunshine

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What Kind Of Tea Bags ?


It is 4:36 am and I am using a chamomile tea bag. Was in lots of pain and now it has calmed down. I hope this relief continues.


I cracked open a keurig cup of green tea, rolled some in a paper towel, wet it and stuffed it like a tobacco packet between my lip and gums. it seems to be helping.

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