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I was suffering from a boil Ín the crease of my leg next to my vagina. It had gotten so bad and swollen until I was crying the pressure was so bad. I have had five kids so I am use to pain but this is worse than labor. I read to get the ichmatammol and put on the boil after placing hot wash clothes on the boil let sit. And in a couple of hours it was digusting puss was every where. This is the best remedy because it brings the boil to a bursting point naturally. Its a mess to clean up but boy is it worth it. I read not to burst with pins or with hand because the puss may spread and bring further infection. Hope this helps someone it surely helped me. :)

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Wash with antibacterial soap once per week. Apply salyic acid liberally after each shower. Shower twice per day or before bed of you can only shower once. Stay hydrated and eat clean. The above helps for prevention. Use prid drawing saave and boil ease cream gauze applications during the day and warm wet compresses in between. If it becomes red and radiating from the site see a doctor to avoid a blood infection which can result in death.

Lula Mae

So I'm currently dealing with it right now! So all I need to do is put a hot cloth on it & itll burst naturally huh

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