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I was suffering from a boil Ín the crease of my leg next to my vagina. It had gotten so bad and swollen until I was crying the pressure was so bad. I have had five kids so I am use to pain but this is worse than labor. I read to get the ichmatammol and put on the boil after placing hot wash clothes on the boil let sit. And in a couple of hours it was digusting puss was every where. This is the best remedy because it brings the boil to a bursting point naturally. Its a mess to clean up but boy is it worth it. I read not to burst with pins or with hand because the puss may spread and bring further infection. Hope this helps someone it surely helped me. :)

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Omg.. thats exactly where this one is. I call it my leg pit.. This is by far the worst one I've ever had.. And a hard place to put a drawing salve on and bandage.I feel like a leper.


Thank you..I got one there now and the Walmart pharmist told me about this ointment and wow it works boil was soooooo painful it hurt to started working so fast. It's still got pus coming out but I'm happy something works.


omg thank u so much for putting this up i have one right there to and it hurts like hell... im gonna try this right NOW i hope it works....


That's exactly where I got my boil, not only is it embarrassing but it's extremely painful. Being a guy I can put up with quite a bit of pain, but man this one was extremely painful!!! I Simply took a really hot shower and the next morning I woke up with a big mess in my boxers- I had to throw out my favorite pair :( I kept a dressing over the boil for the next 4 days until all the puss completely drained out. I can't stress how important it is to keep the area covered with a dressing to prevent the infection from spreading. Dont stress you'll be back to normal in a week!


Thank you guys for all the comments.You all helped some much! It hurts so freaking bad,i cnt walk or nothing.


I get one there all the time. My mom swears by the ointment.. it works wonders. I always take a hot bath to help pull it out and then apply it. It is a really awkward place to put it though. Trust me... its better than having to get it lanced though!


I had a large boil on my buttox, and used ichthammol cream. not only did it ease the pain it also brought my boil to a head within a few hours. The boil busted naturally. It is still draining a little but seems to be doing fine. Ichthammol ointment is amazing!!


Mine keeps coming back in the same places over and over again. Any thoughts? I don't know what to do.


I have one in the same exact area right now. I went to the 24 hr cvs to buy the ointment. I have only done 1 hot compress. I put on the ointment and now I wait....does anyone know how ling it usually takes to come to a head and discharge something? The pressure is killing me.


It all depends just keep it clean try taking an epsom salt bath to help draw it out. Also hot compress or heating pad along with the drawing salve or ointment.

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