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so I woke up two days ago with a daunting feeling that I was having an outbreak. Sure enough,I got my mirror out and they they were again rearing their ugly heads. I was diagnosed with GW about 3 years ago. i had an outbreak, used aldara for a week and they disappeared. Just this past summer, suddenly I had a second outbreak after almost 3 years of nothing. With a lot of vitamins, they disappeared after about 3 weeks.

Anyways, for the past 2 days, I had been trying the banana peel method. While they weren't getting worse, they weren't getting much better. Last night I went to the pharmacy and bought teat tree oil and soap, vitamin c tablets,and zantac. I went to bed last night with a tea tree oil soaked bandage. Woke up this change.

So here's what I did. This morning, I crushed a vit C tablet, and aspirin, and some garlic. I added a few drops of water and a few drops of tea tree oil and mixed it all together into a paste. I put this o at 11:30 and left to go to breakfast with friends. I just got back home at 2pm and....they have shrunk TREMENDOUSLY! And the pain when I touch the area with a q-tip (which usually is how I know i'm having an outbreak) is completely gone! Thank God! Two and a half hours! I hope they continue to disappear. i will keep you all posted.

Also, keep in mind I have been taking garlic pills, echinacea, and a daily multivitamin. I have also noticed that alcohol really weakens my immune system. The past two times I have had an outbreak has been after a night of heavy drinking. I also cut out the coffee this week and switched back to green tea.

I hope this helps

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I wish you speedy recovery! We've gotta be patient and lower our stress level, it will shrink faster that way. Mine is gone, the baby bump is gone but what is left is just a flat spot; no raised skin or bump. I hope it's normal...I'm still on with the vitamins regiment...thank you for updating...its important for us to know your update since you have it for the past 3 years...I dare not to take caused the warts to surface


I also tried this Vitamin C paste. When I applied it to the warts it felt like someone literally set my vagina on fire! It burnt so bad that I couldn't stand it. (The paste was on maybe 2 mins) So, I washed it off quickly (which hurt extremely bad) and then applied some triple antibiotic ointment on the area with a sterile gauze. I used the Vit. C paste last night but it didn't burn, just a little sting for a quick second, that was it. I left the paste on for about an hour and then washed it off. I also used some triple antibiotic ointment with gauze covering it while I slept. I could tell a slight difference in the size today. ( smaller, thank God!) Maybe I need to wait a day or two in between treatments?? I would love to get rid of this problem as quickly as possible but I can't stand the burn. Is there something else I could do that's not so harsh on the 'little lady'? Lol. I haven't started the full blown vitamin kick yet, plan on starting them tomorrow morning. Maybe that will help.


It took just over two weeks for m warts to disappear. hen after a week of no warts, the skin seems to be a little swollen or raised. no sign of pain of any kind, so I don't know if i'm on the verge of another outbreak or not. Im trying to relax and not check the area ten times a day, as that will only serve to add to my stress level which would be counterproductive.

I'm still putting teatree oil soaked cottonball in the area every few days just to try and keep them at bay if they are still around. This is so stressful...sigh...I'm praying that they disappear for another 3 years (or preferably forever) like they did before.

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