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so I woke up two days ago with a daunting feeling that I was having an outbreak. Sure enough,I got my mirror out and they they were again rearing their ugly heads. I was diagnosed with GW about 3 years ago. i had an outbreak, used aldara for a week and they disappeared. Just this past summer, suddenly I had a second outbreak after almost 3 years of nothing. With a lot of vitamins, they disappeared after about 3 weeks.

Anyways, for the past 2 days, I had been trying the banana peel method. While they weren't getting worse, they weren't getting much better. Last night I went to the pharmacy and bought teat tree oil and soap, vitamin c tablets,and zantac. I went to bed last night with a tea tree oil soaked bandage. Woke up this change.

So here's what I did. This morning, I crushed a vit C tablet, and aspirin, and some garlic. I added a few drops of water and a few drops of tea tree oil and mixed it all together into a paste. I put this o at 11:30 and left to go to breakfast with friends. I just got back home at 2pm and....they have shrunk TREMENDOUSLY! And the pain when I touch the area with a q-tip (which usually is how I know i'm having an outbreak) is completely gone! Thank God! Two and a half hours! I hope they continue to disappear. i will keep you all posted.

Also, keep in mind I have been taking garlic pills, echinacea, and a daily multivitamin. I have also noticed that alcohol really weakens my immune system. The past two times I have had an outbreak has been after a night of heavy drinking. I also cut out the coffee this week and switched back to green tea.

I hope this helps

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Hi, do you have open sore after applying the vitamin C paste? I have it and takes long time to heal....and I just realised that a small baby wart just appeared in the same spot of the previous one....update yours


I drink and smoke...which weakens the immune system....but I take all the aforementioned pills ead have had some success


Thank u, but are you cleared of the warts now? Did the paste you made gave you open sore?


Unfortunately, the warts are still there...sigh...BUT, the pain is still gone, which is good. I have been applying the paste every few hours, followed by a little teatree oil. I did not get an open sore at all.


I'm sorry to hear abt the warts r still there, mine (the baby wart) is still there too but it takes times for our body to build/boost our immune system just as it takes time for the virus to surface on our skin as warts, so let's give our body some time with all the vitamins, exercise 30 mins a day (it stimulates immunity)
God willing, we'll be victorious soon! But as my treatment with vitamin C paste gave me open sore that takes time for the sore to heal, I can't apply the paste anymore until the sore is completely healed. I don't want to further aggravate the already sore lesion. Secondary infection might develop. I just maintain cleanliness down there and keep it dry since moisture breeds viruses and microbes. I will try with acne cream and update you my condition. This thing is pesky! Will keep in touch okay?


Btw, I shun coffee too, the wart came after 7 days of coffee in a no coffee or peanuts for me


Another update...I stopped the Vitamin C/Aspirin/Garlic paste for a few days . I have kept up with applying Teatree oil everyday. I also smother a piece of cotton in it and wear it all day while im at work.

This morning, I decided to try just an aspirin/Vitamin C mix again. It stung just a little. Believe it or not I saw this as a good sign because last time, they got much worse just before they got better. When I got home from work, they'd all turned white. I'm hoping this is the turn for the better.

I'm still taking a heavy daily regiment of echinacea, vit c, multivitamin, garlic, zantac, and aspirin and exercising often. I think another reason they're going away is that i'm finishing up this big annual review project at work so my stress level has come down a lot as opposed to the past couple of weeks.

I hope you all are having some luck too!


Mine is gone; completely gone. This is what I take:

Multivitamins & Minerals 2 times a day

Vit. B Complex + E + C + Zinc + Folic Acid 2 times a day (it's all-in-one tablet, Brand Surbex)

Vit. C 500 mg 6 times a day (i.e. total 3000 mg)

Beta-Glucan 2 tablets one time in morning on empty stomach [BETA GLUCAN STIMULATES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM RESULT SEEN AFTER 2 WEEKS]

Garlic 9000 mg (3 divided dosage)

Olive Leaf Extract (Blackmore's) Liquid. 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. It enhances immune system and kills viruses.

Plus I exercise 30 mins a day. It's good for immunity.

After 2 weeks of heavy regiments on health & try not to dwell on the wart, that nasty wart is now gone!

God be praised!


Oh yes, earlier I took 12,000 mg of garlic daily but I decreased it to 9,000 after I've seen good result. Garlic has blood thinning effect, and excessive intake of the supplement form (not the original plant) may cause internal bleeding if its taken over a long period. I'm gonna decrease the intake to 3,000 mg a day as written on the bottle in a week time


I was right. The day after the area turned white, I noticed that it seemed the skin in the area was peeling of slowly. The next day, I noticed bigger pieces of skin and realized the wart had dried up and fallen off. I still have two (the bigger, more stubborn ones)but they have decreased in size considerably. I stopped the teatree oil for a day when I was worried about the dead skin, but now that I know what it is, I will resume tonight.

It's been about a week and 2 days since all of them first appeared. Hopefully in a day or two i'll be able to report that their all gone. :-)

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