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ummm.... no offence...but everyone has had to take a piss ...while being in the shower and was simply too lazy to use the sure ur very dehydrated so ur pee shuld be yellow...if its clear than its mostly just water... now... peee on ur feet ( it would be no different from a jellyfish sting) and tadaaa...ur feet are cure...ur urine is full of amonia...and other things but thats not important...just pee on ur feet and ur good to go

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Your urine actually has a very low amount of ammonia in it and it would take hours of soaking your feet in urine concentrate for it to make a difference :p


i Disagree, urine does indeed work, But it depends on your body and how bad the Athletes foot is. This is kinda gross but i got athletes foot once tried all the dang cremes over the counter and Prescription and they didnt work, but my mother in law told me to have my husband pee on my foot so i tried and it work. but like i said it depends on the body and you have to use your first morning pee


The best urine to use is the first whiz of the day. It has a markedly higher concentration of alkalai.


Not alkalai... acid. Uric acid is higher in the morning.


I can hardly believe this. A nurse at my dermatologist said urine would kill foot fungus. I thought it was disgusting. If it works, it works. However, I have psoriasis.


Urin is as far as I know a strong disinfectant, so it can help healing process probably, it cannot harm you for sure.


I can't pee on my feet /: my Weiner is extremely small and well yea, can't do it!!

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