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25 Comments for the Ear Infections and Aches Home Remedy

jon heath

today at work my ear hurt worse than a kidney on here to put vineger in your ear. Just did it in the bathroom at work.BOOM instantly gone

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Yes it does work ! Woke up with an ear ache in excruciating pain , got online read the remedies about VINEGAR, tried it out and BOOM gone in LESS than a MINUTE ! THANK YOU

shane jones

dude, son got a ear ache from a flu he has had off and on for weeks,went to dr. got meds. no good ..fustrated,i looked on this web page tried this with apple cider vinegar.WORKED the dr.crap worthless.home rem.great thanks again.


WOW!! I'm a 43 yr old female, and have had an earache for about 3 days following a very nasty cold, popping the advil all this time to help with the pain.
After reading this, tried the apple cider vinegar and to my surprise within a few seconds felt hardly any pain at all! I also applied a hot/wet compress which felt great too.
Thanks so much for posting!:)


My ear hurts really bad will this work


this took the edge off thank you. Didn't expect it to work, must loosen packed earwax or something

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