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jon heath

today at work my ear hurt worse than a kidney on here to put vineger in your ear. Just did it in the bathroom at work.BOOM instantly gone

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Just wanted to say Thank you!!!! My 4y/o daughter woke about an hour ago with a terrible ear ache & she has been crying & crying in pain. I checked online, found your site followed the advice of putting some vinegar in her ear; (had to apply 2shakes of it directly into her ear 2x); and WHAMO! within roughly 30 seconds... she's sound asleep now :) Thank You, Thank You soooo much.
May Allah bless you for your helpful kindness!!!


Apple cider vinegar?


Awesome!!! Thank you thank you!


Exactly how much of the vinager do u have to put


I'm going through this right now.
What kind of Apple cider, or regular

jennifer thurmond

two drops and original vinnegar. my son was driveing me nuts screaming and yelling that his ear hurt sooo bad, put two drops inn an within a min he stoped crying and yelling. THANK GOD for home remedies!!

Kristian A.

Thanks so much for this remedy! I had an ear ache in my left ear a couple of weeks ago and didn't have the money to go to the doc so I just popped ibuprofen and suffered through it. And then 3 days ago I got an earache in my right ear and I'm pretty sure it's an infection because it hurts so much worse. I just tried the vinegar 5 minutes ago and it has reduced my pain by 90%! I didn't have a dropper but I had my husband soak a qtip in the vinegar and hold it in my ear for about 30 secs. He did that twice and it's amazing how much better it feels! Thanks again!


Absolutely fantastic remedy!! Still going to take my son to the doctor but the vinegar is still helping take the edge off his pain and keep it away for several hours.


Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, I was working my way up to visiting an out-of-hours service for some antibiotics. Shook some malt vinegar in my ear and I feel about 60% better within seconds


I tried this yesterday for my earache. It relieved some of the pain temporarily, but not 100% and definitely not long term.

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