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When you have mucus/phlegm in the throat due to post nasal drip, get some Silver Biotics (it is the only colloidal silver that really works for me) and make a nasal pray with this solution.

Don't add anything, just spray your nose 3 times daily, 2 spray in each nostril. It will fix the post nasal drip and allow the mucus to get out your nose.

THEN move on to the mucus and phlegm in the throat, here is an INSTANT remedy that will work 100%, all the time and it took me a minute to find this one.

1 - Get some Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it with 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar, 2/3 cold water

2 - Do a gargle then bend over and stay in this position for as long as you can (minimum 3 minutes). Try to bend over and hold your feet.

3 - While bending, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth every 2 to 3 seconds.

What will happen is that:

a) The mucus/phlegm will attached itself to the mixture as Apple Cider Vinegar acts like a sponge.

b) The gravity will let the mucus/phlegm in your throat to fall in your mouth.

You will feel it falling inside your mouth and when you do, please do not stop because there are usually a lot more coming up.

So continue and each treatment should be at least 3 good gargles. You can do that as often as you like until the mucus/phlegm is completely removed. You can end your session by sucking on honey or drops to soothe your throat.


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It's me again, the anonymous from the last 3 posts. By chance I discovered I had been doing it wrong.

- You're supposed to hold the vinegar inside, bend down for a while, stand up and keep the gargle inside, do not spit it immediately. The phlegm will 'go up' to your mouth when you stand up. You can do some 'chewing' motions to help it.

It does work, it's nasty, but it reaches to where the normal gargle doesn't.


Hi I did this gargle with vinegar and alot brown stuff came out its that how is supossed to worry I thought it was blood.


I tried this today and it definitely brought up phlegm, it seems to be the only thing that flushes a lot of it out!!

The only issue is that by the time I finished the glass of water and vinegar, my teeth started hurting and still do.

I tried reducing the ratio of vinegar:water but when I got too low, it didn't seem to work as well.


thank you so much for this! I have been suffering for days due to my mucus! May God bless you more!


I have ordered the silver boƮtes will come today ,I have had pond for 8 years no sprays or tablets have worked so will let you know if this clears my pond


Hi ihave has mnd for 8 years so iam trying the silver solution took it 3times today just hope it stops the drip


Will just using the silver solusen clear my pond dri p


Hi is this a cure or will I have to do this every day foe pond


Ment to say is this a cure for post nasal drip or will I have to use cider vinegar for ever


Hi just used the apple vinegar and brown crap came out of my mouth will do it again later

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