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Ok, so I HAVE to share this with someone who suffers from excruciating migraines so I can hopefully help some people out there who are suffering from this condition.

So for the past 6 months, I have been suffering from recurrent ovarian cysts that cause pain, soreness, fever, fatigue and irritability. Well, a few days ago I started getting headaches sooo bad that I couldn't move without throwing up from the intense pain. I tried 800mg ibuprophen, hydrocodone, tylenol and any and all pain relievers on the shelf to get rid of this. Nothing worked. I tried several home remedies to no avail. So I went to the refrigerator to get something cold to put on my head and saw that my boyfriend had left a monster energy drink on the shelf. I had tried everything, and who knows, it might just work. Low and behold! Ten minutes after drinking it, absolutely NO pain!! And now I had the energy to get my homework done and deal with my hyperactive little boy. THANK GOD!

I've read several articles on the internet claiming that caffeine and niacin help with the pain, which are all included in the energy drink, among other helpful vitamins. I must tell you though that I pretty much only drink water and the occasional sprite as a treat and this remedy might not work well if you already consume large quantities of caffeine daily, but it is definitely worth a shot.


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I want to thank the girl that posted about the Monster Energy Drink. I get migraines periodically (usually around the time of my period). This most recent one was going on two days, and it was killing! I thought I would go crazy, so I desperately started googling home remedies and found this forum. I figured nothing else had worked; why not try the Monster Drink? It was just like this poster said. Within five minutes of drinking the can, my migraine was COMPLETELY gone. I feel amazing right now, and I cannot thank her enough for posting this wonderful solution!!


I was a bit of a skeptic trying this out, cause sugar drinks normally make my migrains so much worse, but like you said at day 2 of throwing up cause of pain your willing to try about anything.. and altho my headache isnt FULLY gone.. its ALOT better and turned into a minor headache...

i can deal with a minor headache.. thanks for the tip..


i am going to try that right now . I've been suffering 15 to 20 days a month from migraines. I ended up getting botox shots for them worked 2 weeks just had minor headaches everyday and shooting pain. but now ive been in the emergency room 3 times in a week cause im getting them daily again.thanks for the info glad it worked for you hope it works for me


I've had migraines since elementary school and get them 3-5 times a week. I'm looking forward to see if this trick will help with my migraines, it's much cheaper and sounds alot quicker then the pills I've been using that don't always work.

Thank you for the suggestion!!!


I tried this remedy,and it was an absolute fail! I thank you for attempting to help my migraine, but the monster energy drink's sugar incredibly increase the pain. I am not sure why it worked on you and not me, maybe it has different affects on females than on males.

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