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we had been battling head lice on my 9 year old son for almost a month, no matter what specialized shampoo's we bought and used the little critters were still winning the war. I decided to check out a home rememdy and try it...i figured why not nothing we were buying seemed to work..this is what I did.... I soaked our sons hair with vinegar...I used over half a gallon....then I placed a swimming cap over his head for 2 hours (I also tucked some cotton pads just under the front to prevent vinegar from running onto his face). After 2 hours I rinsed his hair...I could not believe all the little critters I seen in the bottom of the bath tub!!! I then lathered his hair with Palmolive dish soap then added almost half a cup of babyoil...I then started to comb out his hair with lice comb...and wow wow wow, could not believe the number of nits coming out...i then rinsed his hair well and combed thru again...still pulling out nits and a few more lice...but they were dead!!!! after all this I shampooed his hair with teatree oil morning when he got up for school I re-checked his hair...NOTHING... was so happy!! I am checking his hair on a regular bases and still nothing... :) if we every have a battle with these little critters again...we are gonna win the war with this remedy

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This is the simplest, mist effective method I used minus the tea tree stuff.


I have thick, thick, thick hair and it's kinda long. I was wondering if you think this would work on me. I know, with a son, he's hair probably wasn't so long, but I'm trying to get rid of these stupid critters as fast as possible. Any thoughts??

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