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To get rid of diaper rash, gently wash the bottom with plain water and then blow dry the bottom with a hair dryer set on LOW every single time the diaper is changed. This usually clears it in a day or two - even the really bad rash that bleeds.

This ALWAYS worked for my 4 kids and the ones I babysat. Just make SURE that you don't get too close with the hair dryer! Keep it on LOW and constantly moving and just long enough to dry the skin, which should only take about 30 seconds.

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Guy the Builder

Diaper rash on a baby's bottom is similar to mold in a home. Wherever moisture, darkness and insufficient air movement there will be problems. Eliminate just one of those three from the mix and you headed in the right direction.
New building codes require that an airspace of at least 1' exist behind brick and the adjacent wall sheathing. This air space provides constant ventilation to dry up any vapor or liquid moisture.
Same thing on a baby's bottom. Create an air space between the wet material and the skin, and you are on your way to eliminating the rash. Problem is though, that with diapers, the elastic leg and hip bands restrict air flow, so it's not really helping as much as the blow dryer method.
All 5 of my children had the blow dryer method used, and generally within 20 minutes the redness had disappated.
Of course, unlike wet wall sheathing on a home, diapers must be changed several times a day.

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