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The only safe and sure remedy I found was to THOROUGHLY comb my daughter's hair every single day for 4-5 days (or until you don't find any more). Use a special lice comb and comb the hair from the scalp to the end in 1/4' sections. Sure, it's pain, but we'd put a movie on while a combed her hair, so it went fast and she enjoyed it. I kept a small bowl of water to rinse the lice off of the comb.

Don't forget to wash and dry pillows, stuffed animals, clothes, etc.

None of the other remedies worked for me (mayo, oil, commercial kits, and I would NEVER put kerosene in my child's hair!) Combing the critters out is the only way.

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I work 2 jobs and have worn myself out for close to a trying to nit comb for an hour and MORE at a time TO NO AVAIL. I'm ready to cry because of all the time, money and stuff I've put on my head ... yet 'something' always survives and the whole thing starts over again. I'm sick of having things crawl and bite. On 2 different occasions (within a 2 day period) I mixed 3/4 cup conditioner with 1 1/2 teaspoons of bleach and let it sit for 15 minutes but that didn't do anything. I also tried the Dawn with bleach alternative for an hour and that didn't do anything either. Congratulations to people who got these things to work: olive oil, listerine, vinegar, mayo, Denorex, T-Gel, baby oil, hair dye, Licenex, LiceMD, LiceKiller, Robi Comb and vaseline; I used those things week after week and still had live lice crawl around later, sometimes within hours. This website is the only thing that has saved my sanity because at least I've managed to whittle down the population. If something works I promise to TRY to remember to post a comment here. If not, then I've shaved my head (because I've read that kerosene doesn't work and will destroy the hair follicles).

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