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After trying Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover pads (just made it more tender and painful) and Freeze-Off (did nothing), I cured my huge, ridiculously painful wart by spending less than $5 at the dollar store.

*Ordinary Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
*Regular Band-Aids (You will need two sizes - circular ones, like the kind they put on a flu shot, and regular oblong ones. I just bought a variety pack.)
*A nail file

First, file down the wart as much as you can, then wash your affected foot. Dry it completely. Then, use the tweezers to pull off the tip of the Q-Tip (enough cotton to completely cover the wart), and dunk it in the hydrogen peroxide. Apply the soaked piece of cotton and press it on as firmly as you can tolerate.

Then bandage. First with the circular band-aid to cover the cotton, then the two oblong band-aids, one lengthwise and one crosswise. Make sure you press them airtight, this helps suffocate the wart. I left it on all day and all night, removing it before my morning shower, filing it down, washing my foot, and repeating the whole process every morning, and after the first two days I noticed it shrinking. Now, it's the 14th day, and while filing it down, the whole thing just came off, revealing new pink skin underneath! I'm ecstatic!

Just a warning though, the first night and day after did hurt a bit. If I could do it over, I would've taken an Advil first to avoid the pain. It's not horrible pain, I would say a 4/10. But the pain completely faded by the second night, and after 5 nights, the wart itself wasn't even tender to the touch anymore. A miracle cure!

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i tried this and it actually worked. however, i found it very, very painful even a week into it, so much so that i had to bring a bedroom slipper to work to walk around in. but now that it's almost gone, i don't care about the pain because i'm so happy it's gone!


I started to file it but it started bleeding and bled for about 8 minutes.

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