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my aunt tought me a perfect remedy which eliminate the pain and prevent blistering. as soon as the skin burns wet it with cold water and apply a thick layer of SUGAR over the whole area.keep it as long as the pain is there.if the sugar dries and falls redo the procedure.

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The best thing I know of that is possibly laying around the house is noxema. It cools and moisturizes the skin.


I got a burn from a hot glue gun, so I tried this remedy and it did take away the pain within 10 minutes. I will do it again if I ever get burned again. Thank you.


sir,home remedies look good but sometimes you may end up with severe infection. I think you should asktheburnsurgeon who has provided tons of info on burns on his site, besides you could ask any questions on burns which he would answer for free!!

Big Lips

I JUST burned my poor little index finger with a hot glue gun and tried this method. I can feel the sugar drying on my finger as I type this! Thanks for your help! :)


I got my left hand thumb burnt when I was cooking ,I tried to keep my thumb inside some ice cubes to get relief but failed but assoon as i did this,oh it was amazing within a minuted i got reief its really wonderfull.

Ginger, Huntsville, Alabama

I touched a hot pan and tried this remedy and it worked! Within 10 minutes of the sugar drying, the pain was gone! i plan to pass this along to others. Thanks


just burned my finger with a hot glue gun. I put the sugar on and its still burning like crazy! How long does it take to work?

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