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I buy lemonade powder and make it with hot water. Then I drink it really slowly. Hot lemon and honey works too, but it tastes gross and when I'm sick, the last thing I want to do is supress my gag reflex.

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I think this is a great idea! My 9 yr old son had a sore throat and he hates hot tea. We didn't have any hot chocolate in the house but we had pink lemonade mix! He loved it!


haha... i love fresh lime juice and honey... I drink at least a spoonful everyday. Its all natural vitamin C. But I think I have strep and my throat really hurts and I hate going to the doctor for more antibiotics that just make my immune system get back down... Well I can't expect my body to just auto regenerate so, Im just going to try to hang in there a little while longer to see if I get better. :(


oh... and very important... use LOCAL honey. Local honey carries the pollen and allergens from your own area and it strengthens your immunity against seasonal allergies.


I am sitting here as I am sipping my lemon and honey drink. I just heated up some water and put some lemon juice and local honey in my cup. It feels so good on my sore throat! As for making it go away, well I don't think it will, I think I have strep throat. BUT this sure feels great!! As far as one person posted about it tasting bad...I have to disagree. I like the taste!

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